Bias Binding Tape Maker Kit with Binding Foot - 1/4in to 1in

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Buy this kit and save over £15.00 on buying the contents separately!!   The bias tape makers are worth £19.00 and the binding machine foot is worth £6.00 alone!!

4 sizes included, which make a finished tape width of:

  1. 1/4in (6mm) 
  2. 1/2in (12mm)
  3. 3/4in (18mm)
  4. 1/2in (25mm)

Don't be limited to ready made bias tape in shops, choose your own fabrics to make your own bias tape for edging or straps. This fab bias tape making kit will cover most bases for your sewing needs - and it also makes a very nice pressie for a crafty friend.   All you need (except for an iron) to easily make your own bias tape and then stitch it to your work is included in this kit.  The contents are fab quality, yet the kit costs a fraction of what the items bought separately would cost.  Presented in a quality clear plastic case.

The kit also includes:

  • Awl - for introducing/feeding the bias strips through the makers
  • Pins - for securing the fabric to a surface whilst feeding the fabric through the tape maker
  • FAB adjustable bias binding sewing machine foot (universal, fits most clip-on feet sewing machines) - for quick and easy stitching of binding onto your work, click here to see how to use this fantastic device.
  • Instructions - on how to use the 4 bias binding take makers

Tips & instructions:

  • To cut the right height of fabric strip for each size tape maker simply double the size number: e.g.. for the 1/4in tape maker, your fabric strips need to be 1/2in tall)
  • For a video on how to use the adjustable bias binding foot look here.
  • For a video on how to use tape maker look here. 
  • You can see pictures of a tape maker in action here.