Emmaline Metal Label Tag "Handmade" in 2 colours

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These high quality, metal bag labels are an exclusive Emmaline design.  These totally gorgeous labels will decorate your bag, purse or wallet giving it that professional, not to mention, deeeeluxe look.  They are easy to attach (much the same way as when using magnetic snaps), click on the details tab for instructions and can be paired with a coordinating Metal Zipper Pull.  These labels will brag about your "handmade" bag whilst showing quality and style at the same time.

    Attaching your label:

    1. Using a vanishing marker, mark the area where your label will go, making sure your mark is level and central (should you wish it to be so).
    2. Stabilise your fabric on the wrong side (I like to use 2 to 3 layers of 2" squares of fusible woven interfacing).  If you like a snug fit, add a 2" square of squishy fusible fleece over the interfacing squares.
    3. Use a seam ripper to make tiny slits for the prongs to go through all layers.
    4. From the right side of the fabric, push the label prongs through the slits.
    5. Slip the metal washer over the prongs and push the prongs down and away from the label centre.
    6. Iron a squishy 2" square of fusible fleece over the prongs, to ensure they won't wear through your fabric. 

    Colours: Antique Bronze & Silver

    Measurements: 10mm (3/8") x 36mm (1 7/16")

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