Glitter Vinyl Fabric - 9 colours

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We sell this fabric in A3 and 1/2 yard pre-cut rolls.

  • A3 = (at least 11 1/2" x 16 1/2" (29.7cm x 42cm) £2.85
  • 1/2 yard = 18" x 54" (46cm x 137cm) £7.85

Please note that each unit ordered will be sent to you as a separate pre cut piece NOT a continuous length.  As rolls are hand cut please allow max 3/8" (1cm) error.

    Sixteen sparkly colours:

      1. Black - starry night (SOLD OUT)
      2. Graphite - dark grey with subtle gold sparkle
      3. Cinnamon Spice - rich brown
      4. Rose Gold - sand gold with pink undertone
      5. Pink Champagne - sparkle pastel pink (SOLD OUT)
      6. Silver White  - cool white
      7. Buttercream - warm white
      8. Mint Mojito - frosted pastel green
      9. Lime - zingy citrus green
      10. Turquoise - tropical sea green (SOLD OUT)
      11. Peacock - vivid bird feather (SOLD OUT)
      12. Azure - deep sea blue 
      13. Purple Violet - vibrant purple (SOLD OUT)
      14. Hot Pink - bright cerise pink (SOLD OUT)
      15. Scarlet - bright (in a nice way) (SOLD OUT)
      16. Fizzy Orange - bright fruity orange

    Canvas backed. Gorgeous sparkly glitter vinyl fabric. This fabric is mirror gloss, totally smooth, water-resistant and non-stretch.  Any creases also iron out completely. It is durable and sewing-machine friendly (on my home sewing machine I have stitched through 6 layers (slowly) without drama).  The glitter is fine grain giving the fabric a pretty and more subtle sparkle.  Perfect for large bags, totes, zip pouches, journal covers and trims etc. Don't forget to use a teflon/walking/roller foot and heavy weight or leather sewing needles.

    Fabric will arrive carefully rolled. To un-crease, carefully iron fabric wrong side. Use a moderate heat and move iron constantly.