Grande Clamshell Minaudière Clutch Frame 8" (discounts available)

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Fix yourself up one of these beauties in well under an hour. 

Check out my easy and FREE Clamshell Clutch tutorial. And this fab (optional) FREE Hinges and Partition tutorial.  

You will need: 2 pieces of 10" (W) x 7 1/2" (H) of each fabric for exterior and lining, and this glue.

Includes chain loops for you to add a strap to (strap not included).

Measures 8' (W) x 5 1/2" (H) (20cm x 13.8cm)

Here is the purse frame that you need to make those super-glam hard sided cocktail clutches.  When these clutches are covered in your choice of fabrics they look unbelievably professional, but at the same time they are incredibly easy to make (you can easily make one in under an hour!)  For a sweet daytime look choose daytime friendly fabrics (and whilst you're at it why not embellish with some crochet lace and add a fabric flower or two?)  For night time drama use deep coloured silks or satins, pop a big cocktail ring on your finger and look the business at your party!  The frame has chain loops to which you can add a hand or shoulder chain if desired.

I recommend using fabrics that are no thicker than quilt weight cotton (no interfacing or interlining is needed-yay!)

Check out my easy and FREE Clamshell Clutch tutorial. And this fab (optional) FREE Hinges and Partition tutorial.  

When you get your frames, its worth checking to see if there are gaps in-between the frame and the case. If you don't like the gap you can experiment with using some Medium loft iron-on fleece on the fabric. Then put the fabric on the case as usual.