Handbag Metal Zipper Ends Tabs in 2 colours (pairs)

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Sold in pairs. Measures: 3/4" long x 1.2/8" wide (1.7cm x 2.8cm)

Finish your zipper ends in style!  No more (boring) having to stitch fabric tabs onto your zipper ends.  Applying these metal beauties takes only a few minutes and results look so glam (yes, zippers can look glam!).  You can pop one onto the zipper closed end, or onto both ends. I tend to use them on both ends because I like being able to grab a zipper end when opening and closing my zipper.

These zipper ends are perfect for our Handbag Zippers

How to use:

  1. Screw the little screws into the metal zipper end, just a tiny bit (to get them started and so you won't have to hunt around for them at a later stage).
  2. Slide the zipper pull away from the end you are going to cut (you don't want it sliding off your zipper).
  3. You need to be able to insert the zipper teeth into metal zipper end, so trim off the zipper fabric ends.  Cut the zipper to your desired length. Cut anywhere beyond the little zipper metal stop (we don't want the zipper metal stop, it doesn't fit into the metal zipper end).
  4. At the zipper trimmed end, fold back one of the zipper fabric long edges to the wrong side and repeat with the other side.  Aim for a nice even-looking V-shape tip on the zipper right and wrong side.
  5. Slide the V-shape zipper tip into the metal zipper end.  Screw the screws tight, screw until they bite into the zipper fabric.  Repeat all steps for other zipper end, if using.

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