The Trinity Bag Pattern Booklet

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Please note: To make life easier for you I've included squillions of pics (30 in all). With this many pics it's impossible to lay them out besides their step text, we always try to if we can :)

Finished size = 13” (W) x 10” (H) (33cm x 25.5cm)

Hard copy booklet also includes a web link to the PDF version (so you can reprint at home as many times as you need!) Printed as a 2 sides per page booklet onto copier paper. 

With her 3 compartments, stylish shape and professional looking accessories, The Trinity Bag will wow them at work, college or uptown. They really won’t believe that you made this one! Organise your larger items in 2 main compartments and store your smaller valuables in the secret smaller middle compartment. What is great is that you can access all compartments via one flap (so no need for unzipping this, and popping open that). The bag flap is secured with a very handsome lock. You can see more photos and read more about The Trinity Bag here

Things we love:

  • She's secure - the tongue lock is effective and looks fab. The bag handles stand up over the bag flap and this further increases security.
  • She looks so professional - we think she has 'It Girl' looks!
  • She's versatile - she's meant to be held by her leather handles, but should you need your hands free you can slip on the shoulder strap. 
  • She's not nearly as hard to make as you might think - I promise.
  • She's roomy and organised - for her neat dimensions she can hold a fair amount! Organise everything over 3 compartments and enjoy calm rummaging.

Materials (to shop for materials click on links below):

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