Sewing Clips - Multi Colour JELLIES ( 10, 25 or 50 pieces )

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**Save money!! Our clips cost less.  Translucent sewing clips in a mix of 5 pretty colours.  Measures: 3/4in (2cm) wide.   Easily and securely clips fabrics together. You can buy a few or as many as you require and add to your stock as you sew, these high quality clips in pretty colours make them easy to spot on your work or if dropped on the floor. They work so well that I hardly use pins anymore!   There are many occasions in sewing and bag making where we need to temporarily hold fabrics/items together - where pins are not up to the job or are unsuitable. These sewing clips make a superior alternative to pins, they will go where pins cannot!  The clips are perfect for when your are working with umpteen layers, heavy fabrics, fabrics with pile, leather/laminated cloth. They are also brilliant for keeping piping/binding/bag straps/handle loops secured to your work prior to stitching. . Other great features of these clips:
  • They clip items to your work without distorting it - like pins do
  • They are built for purpose - strong grip and they open wide to accommodate many layers
  • They never get blunt
  • They never pierce your finger - like pins do!!!
As a bag maker I can't recommend these clips enough. Honestly, try them yourself and you'll see why I love them so much!   Clips like these are used extensively in my books and patterns.