Sunny Specs Case Pattern Booklet

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Hard copy booklet also includes a web link to the PDF version (so you can reprint at home as many times as you need!) Printed as a 2 sides per page booklet onto copier paper. 

Finished size: 8” (W) x 4 3/8in” (H). (20.5cm x 11cm)

Protect and carry your specs or sunglasses in style in this natty-looking glasses case.  Pop the case in your handbag or add on the chain and carry it on your shoulder.   The case is made with fleece which will help protect your glasses.  The case's lovely 3D  shape comes courtesy of the corner darts - they help enable even Hollywood film star style massive sunglasses to easily fit inside the case.  

This pattern will show you how easy it to use sew-in purse frames (no glue needed - hooray!)  This is a fun and satisfying (and not to mention - useful) purse pattern.  The case doesn't take long to put together, whip one up for yours/a friend's holiday!   See more pics of the bag HERE. 


What you’ll need:
• 6” x 3” (15cm x 5cm) Sew-In Glasses Purse Frame
• 11” x 12” (28cm x 30cm) Exterior fabric and matching thread
• 11” x 12” (28cm x 30cm) Lining fabric and matching thread
• 11” x 12” (28cm x 30cm) Fusible Fleece (or similar)
• 11” x 12” (28cm x 30cm) Medium Iron-On Interfacing
• Embroidery thread and sewing needle
Sewing clips and Pins     
• Disappearing marker
• Ruler

Feel free to sew and sell! You are welcome to handmake and sell our designs in your online shop, craft market, Etsy etc.  Please credit U-Handbag as the designer in your descriptions.