Multi-Buy Savers Club T & C's

Multi-Buy Savers Club T & C's

Are you a UK resident and want to make BIG savings on exciting and unusual bag making supplies?  Yes!  Then you'll love to shop from our Multi-Buy Savers Club!  Even better, join the club, it's FREE to join,  and you'll be able to help us select which delicious new products we offer in each range.

Here's how the Multi-Buy Savers Club works:

  1. Club products are voted on by club members, so you can have your say in what you would like to see in future club offerings, to join click here.  We will let you know when and how to vote.
  2. Don't want to join the club?  No problem, you do not need to join in order to purchase and benefit from the big savings in it, just shop here.
  3. All products are sold in multiples.
  4. All products are offered on a pre-order and pre-pay basis only.
  5. Products are available to order for 14 days or until the timer runs out (a countdown timer will be displayed on the club page, showing the remaining purchasing time).
  6. After this time the order cycle will be closed and we place orders with our factories (production time is approximately between 5 to 8 weeks). 
  7. Each order cycle will have a unique reference number, so you will know which cycle you have purchased from ie Multi-Buy 02 or 03 and so on.
  8. Each product will have a SKU (stock keeping unit) so you will know which products you have purchased in an order cycle.
  9. After a 14 day break, a new ordering cycle (of new products) will begin.
  10. When all products have arrived with us, we will quality check and dispatch them to you (if you order several products you will get them in one package).
  11. Club products include FREE SHIPPING - to get Free shipping you will need to enter a code into the "Gift Card or Discount Code" bar at checkout using this code: MBFREESHIPPING
  12. Club products are only available to UK residents.
  13. Club products are only available to order separately from other products in the shop.

How are we able to offer such big savings?

  • In our club, you are joining forces with our other customers to order the same products together.  In this way, you are buying in bulk and bulk buying considerably lowers the unit price of a product.
  • Because you are ordering in multiples of more than 1 piece, this further lowers the unit price of a product.
  • We order these products from factories which is the cheapest way to buy them.
  • As you are pre-paying for your items, we only order what we need.  In this way, we do not have stock sitting on our shelves, so we can pass on these savings to you.

Multi-Buy Terms and Conditions:

  • You have up to 14 days after placing your pre-order to change your mind.  
  • Club products include FREE SHIPPING - to get Free shipping you will need to enter a code into the "Gift Card or Discount Code" bar at checkout using this code: MBFREESHIPPING
  • U-Handbag Loyalty Points are not valid to use when purchasing Club products.  We have applied as large a discount as we can to Club products, so we are unable to give any further discount.
  • Club products can be returned under our normal T & C's i.e. within 14 days of receipt. This does not include cut fabrics unless found to be faulty.
  • When ordering, please bear in mind the wait time for your products to arrive. This time includes; the order cycle & processing period, production and shipping time.  In most cases we expect you to receive your goods within 8 weeks from the end of your order cycle however, please allow up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • As we are ordering from factories we are unable to guarantee wait times, we can only offer guesstimates and will not be held liable if these take longer (within reasonable limits).
  • Multi-Buy Savers Club products cannot be ordered with any other products in the shop.
  • Multi-Buy products are available for all UK residents to purchase, but only club members can vote on new products that will be offered within the club.  Click on this link to join the Multi-Buy Savers Club.