Interfacing / Interlining

Interfacing may not be very exciting but it's absolutely essential for bag making as it provides body, structure, and durability to your chosen fabrics. Without interfacing your bag will look limp and be flimsy. The interfacing of a bag is as important as the foundations of a building.

Interfacings and interlinings are available in various thicknesses and are either Fusible (iron-on) or Sew-in.

Fusible Interfacing is ironed straight onto fabric to give it a stiffer finish. When selecting a fusible interfacing choose an interfacing that is slightly lighter in weight than your fabric. This way, any creases made in the interfacing due to wear will not show in you fabric.

Sew-in Interlining can be much stiffer than your fabric. We usually sew a same size piece of sew-in interlining onto the seams of the outer (shell) fabric. Sew-in interlining is often used in conjunction with fusible interfacing and is perfect for making your bag stand up on its own.

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