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Purse Tongue / Press Lock - 2 sizes

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These high quality antique bronze finish purse tongue press locks are extremely easy to attach, very effective and they look so professional  Each lock set comes complete with screws and washers.  The medium size is perfect for clutches, wallets, hand purses, accordion wallets, journals and smaller bags. The large size is perfect for larger bags such as totes, hobos, travel bags, doctor-style bags etc.   No special equipment is needed to attach them; just a small screwdriver and a seam ripper. If you haven’t used these before, see my tutorial on how to attach purse tongue press locks here.


Colour: Antique Bronze

Medium W1 3/16” x H1 3/8” (3cm x 3.5cm) as used on The Trinity Clutch and the Simply Smart Clutch
Large W1 3/4” x H1 7/8” (4.5 x 4.76cm) as used on the Trinity Bag II

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