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YKK 4.5 Long Pull Handbag / Purse Zippers 24" (22 Colours)

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These YKK #4.5 nylon-coil, long pull, closed-end zips are the Rolls Royce of Handbag zippers, with their wider tape and longer pull, they are designed for purpose.  The wider tape (being 9mm wider than standard all-purpose zippers) makes them much easier to insert into any bag making project you have, their proportions look better and they are smoother and more comfortable to use.  The zipper teeth are totally sewing machine friendly, and the longer zipper pull is so nice to use and handy to grab, time and time again.  These zippers are easy to cut to your desired length, but before you cut, Lisa's top tip is to sew across the zipper teeth at your preferred length, this will ensure you don’t lose your zipper pull, off the end, whilst you make your bag.  Why not try finishing your handbag zipper with these smart looking Zipper Ends and super stylish Metal Zipper Pulls.
22 luscious colours:
1 Fire engine red
2 Wine red
3 Hot pink
4 Strawberry pink
5 Tangerine orange
6 Sunflower yellow
7 Apple green
8 Celery green
9 Cobalt blue
10 Porcelain blue - this colour will seize when the last has been sold (see 10a)
10a Steel blue
11 Navy
12 Lavender purple - this colour will seize when the last has been sold (see 12a)
12a Royal purple
13 Tropical sea blue
14 Turquoise
15 Black
16 Smoke grey
17 Elephant grey
18 White
19 Butterscotch
20 Beige
21 Buttercream
22 Chocolate brown
Measurements: 24" x 1 5/16" (61 X 3.3cm)
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